All intensive courses


Intensive course sessions of late May, June, July and September, are designed for foreign adults, from beginners (with notions of French) to advanced users, holders of a high school qualification (qualification required to enter university).

Although each session is independent, it is possible to attend one, two or even three sessions every summer.

Each session includes:

  • 20 hours per week of French lessons (general French as a foreign language)
    - 18 students at most per group
  • Visits / excursions of the city of Aix-en-Provence and of the surrounding area
  • A grade transcript, given at the end of each session, which includes an evaluation of the 4 language skills (reading and listening comprehension, written and spoken expression)

♦ Several intensive sessions* are available this summer 2018:

The placement tests generally occur during the week preceding the session.

* For each session, a group level might not be open should there be less than 10 participants.
Please note that complete beginners are not accepted for these sessions.

For detailed information, download the brochure 2018/2019

Registration fees  

  • 3 weeks: 825 €  (Groups : 750 €)
  • 4 weeks: 1100 €  (Groups : 1000 €)

The reduced fees for "groups" are intended for registrations of 10 or more people, made by organizations (universities, agencies, companies …).
A discount is also granted for multiple registration during the summer.

Registration terms 

Download the registration form here. You can bring it directly to the SUFLE office or send it by post, along with your payment.
See also the registration procedure in the brochure (Page 9).

The entire tuition fees must be paid off before the placement test.