Full-time French courses


Full-time French courses at the SUFLE are designed for foreign adults, from complete beginners to advanced users, holder of a high school qualification (equivalent to the French baccalaureate).

2018/2019 Calendar

The academic year is divided into 2 independent semesters: the student can choose to register for the 1st semester (September to December) or for the 2nd semester (January to April) or again for the full academic year (September to April).
There is only one vacation week during each semester (usually in October and in February).

- 1st semester: From September 10 to December 14, 2018
- 2nd semester: From January 14 to April 19, 2019 (pre-registrations until November 30, 2018)

See the 2019/2020 brochure (also in French and Spanish) for more details on dates and fees.

Course Options

18 hours of classes per week (subject to calendar constraints), distributed differently depending on levels.

- Language courses: Listening and reading comprehension; Oral and written expression; Phonetics (for beginner to intermediate levels)
- Thematic workshops of your choice (between 4 and 10 workshops per week depending on levels)

Students are divided into language groups suited to their level of French (20 students maximum per group). Qualified and experienced teachers are in charge of the 6 different levels, in conformity with the levels defined by the Council of Europe (CEFR).

At the end of each semester, the students receive a transcript and those who have met the requirements of the Diploma receive in addition the "University Diploma in French Language and Culture of Aix-Marseille University", corresponding to the level course they have followed. Please consult the exam regulations (in French).
The courses are eligible for European credits (ECTS). See also the detailed training booklet 2017-2021 (in French).


Registration terms 

Download the registration form (opposite) and the registration information (list of necessary documents and payment methods).

For more details, see the SUFLE brochure.
You can request information on pre-registration through the contact form.

A 300 € deposit is required for any pre-enrolment (non-refundable).

You can send the required documents by email or you can bring them directly to the office (see address on the contact page).
Final registration takes place upon arrival.

Further information 

- At the beginning of each semester, a placement test allows to assess the level of the student for placement in a group suitable to their level of French.
- The schedule for each level is available only after the placement tests.

Workshops choice

Once the students are placed into level groups, they must register for the workshops through the "GIGUE" platform. Please refer to the Gigue Brochure : in English or in French. The description of the different workshops can be found in the Programs for each level (top right of this page).

Evaluation and testing

Students are evaluated throughout the semester by continuous assessment (coursework) as well as by a final examination at the end of each semester.

Thus, students get a continuous assessment mark for each course (language and thematic workshops). Regular class attendance is essential for the allocation of the continuous assessment grade. More than three unexcused absences (= not justified by an official document such as a medical certificate, various convocations, etc ...) cancel the continuous assessment mark.

The final exam evaluates four language skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, oral expression). These exams are mandatory for getting evaluation marks in French Language courses.


For the 4 language skills, the transcribed score is the average of the continuous assessment plus the final exam.

For thematic workshops, the score is the mark obtained in continuous assessment.

Conditions for obtaining the University Diploma in French Language and Culture:

Following 18 hours per week and getting a global average mark above 12 out of 20 for the semester. For a more detailed information, read the file exam regulations.



You can consult the timetable and the different level groups on the News front page.

Upcoming holidays:

There will be no classes during the summer holidays, from July 21 to August 19 (included)